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Our Clients Say

Proffissional Scissor Sharpening

  • Symptom: Hair grabs and pulls when you slide cut making the cutting action feel rough and causing discomfort to your client.
    There are two common causes. • First, is a sharpening problem? The last time your shears were sharpened they were probably done using a grinder. This removes the convex edge and straightens the radius, essentially converting your Japanese-Style shear into a bevel-edged shear. • Second, you may find that you're using the wrong shear design. Comfortable, effective slide cutting is best done using shears with convex blades. On wet hair, use a good general styling shear while on dry hair, you should use a bamboo leaf blade design.
  • Symptom: The hair pushes away when you are blunt or straight cutting.
    • The most common cause is a sharpening problem. The last time your shears were sharpened, they were probably done using the wrong equipment like a grinder or a lack of knowledge. This straightens the radius and/or destroys the convex edge. A properly sharpened pair of shears will not push the hair. Using Factory Edge Sharpening System, I can restore the radius and the convex edge so that your shears will stop pushing your client’s hair.
  • Symptom: The hair folds when you close the shear.
    • Most often this is caused when the tension control is too loose. Tighten the tension control and test again. If that doesn't work, then the shears may be very dull. Check for sharpness.
  • Symptom: Shears get dull after a few haircuts.
    • The most common cause of shears not holding an edge happens when you use inexpensive shears made from low-quality steel. Another reason that we see frequently is, the shears may have been sharpened at too sharp an angle.
  • Symptom: Your hand and wrist hurt or get tired before the end of the day
    These are all issues associated with the fit of your shears. • First, is the shear the right design and size for you? • Second, your scissors may not be the right tool for the job. They may be too long or short for the type of cutting you do. • Third, you may need a more ergonomic handle or perhaps a thumb swivel design will provide the relief you need. • Fourth, are you left-handed? If you are a lefty and you are using a right-handed shear, you are probably reverse-torqueing the blades in order to get the scissors to cut. This will put unnatural pressure on both your thumb and wrist.
  • Symptom: My scissors are getting rusty.
    • The best way to keep your shears from getting rusty is to keep them properly lubricated, cleaned and stored in a clean dry place.
  • Symptom: I can “hear” the scissors (or) It feels “crunchy” not smooth.
    • This is typically caused when the blades have a lot of small nicks on them and/or the scissors have become very dull. These are some possibilities that I have seen. Each shear is different and the way you use your shears and take care of them will greatly affect its performance. Many times, when shears do not cut hair properly, it is due to improper care and maintenance. Failure to lubricate, incorrect tension, excessive thumb pressure and nicks due to hitting the blade against combs and clips can cause problems for even the most experienced stylist. If you are experiencing problems with your shears, the best thing to do is to contact Factory Edge Sharpening to have them checked and serviced.
  • Solutions
    In every case follow the suggestions in your scissors care guide and talk to Factory Edge Sharpening to address the specific issues you are facing. Remember, it is possible to have your shears restored to factory new condition.
  • Amazing job
    Raymond came to Supercuts to sharpen our shears and what a amazing job he did. He showed and taught us things about our shears we didn’t even know. He also has his own line of shears and let me tell you, they are also amazing he will always be our shear guy and I will always purchase my shears from Raymond now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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