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First things first.

Purchase good quality shears. Inexpensive shears will always cost you more in the long run. They simply will not perform as well as a good quality shear. You will find that it takes more effort to do a cut which contributes to your fatigue at the end of the day. Both you and your customers will notice the difference between cuts done with good quality shears and inexpensive ones.

Don't be misled by color coatings, imitation jewels, or other “pretty” scissors. Scissors are your main tools-of-the-trade and should be judged only by design, function and steel quality.

Good care is the key.

If you keep your shears clean and sharp, you will extend the life of your scissors. Here is a list of things that will either dull your shears or actually damage them: 

Poor care: Dropping your shears will almost always nick or damage the blade.

• Failure to clean them properly or cutting anything other than hair can also damage them. If you dropped the shears or suspect damage, begin using your backup pair and call for service.

Hair with product in it or that hasn't been washed recently will also damage the shear.

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