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Where Price and Quality meet.

How this line came about. After carrying other companies’ lines of scissors with instructions to sell at a certain price, which I understand why and the business decision behind it.  I decide to have my own line, I made agreement with a very larger vendor learning there is only a hand full of scissors manufactories in the world that make all the name brand scissors. I came up with my line (FES) that I was happy to put my name on. I now sell high end scissors at huge discounted prices (No middle man). My LINE (FES) consist of the most common used scissors in the marketplace. These work horse scissors (FES)  with proper care should last many many years. Plus I can also sharpen your scissors. All FES scissors have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Example my $89.95 scissor should sell for up to $200.00 each and my VG10 scissors should sell in the $400.00 dollar range each.

All (FES) scissors, thinners and chunkers are made of Japanese stainless-steel, 440C, V1, and V10 stainless-steel.

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