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Are there any shears that can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

The answer is yes; let me explain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive stress injuries in people who undergo the continuous use of their hands and wrists in daily living, such as a hairstylist. There are many benefits of using a swivel shear and this type of cutting tool can relieve much of the stress and pain that you experience when cutting hair. Swivel shears allow you to comfortably cut hair, with your elbow in a down position and your wrist in a natural & neutral position. No matter what cutting technique you need to use, this will enable you to cut hair with less stress on your hand, wrist, and shoulder throughout the day. As you are aware, there are different swivel shear blade sizes, but you need to know which one to use depending on the technique and desired outcome:

Scissors that help
Thinners that can help

Comfortable and affordable, the thumb rocks and swivels in all directions for ease of use and a relaxed hand. Shear is great for those with carpal tunnel and arthritis problems with its ease of use. Most hair cutters find this is very comfortable for the wrist and hand. 

Blade lines straight or regular
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