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Most salons have a chemical disinfectant available to show the state board in case of inspection. Most states allow for a spray, which is easier to use during an inspection. Both Barbicide® and Mar-v-cide® are EPA-registered hospital-grade, broad-spectrum disinfectants. Both use the same active ingredient: n-alkyl-dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. Beauticians lean toward using Barbicide® and barbers lean toward using Mar-v-cide®. Both are equally effective at killing germs.

Factory Edge Sharpening recommends a normal daily practice as follows:

●   After each haircut, wipe your shears off with a dry towel. Be careful; remember that your shears are very sharp.
●   At the end of the day, wash your shears in hot soapy water.
⚬ After washing, dry thoroughly (be careful as the blades are sharp).
⚬ Lubricate with a good Scissors Lubricant or clipper oil.
⚬ Adjust your tension.
⚬ Store the shears in your case. Please keep in mind that state boards are not big fans of keeping shears in cases, but there is no better way to protect them.

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