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Sharpening By Mail 
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Shear Sharpening by mail is easy, all sharpening is done by Raymond Faria owner of Factory Edge Sharpening. I have been personally trained (one on one) by a Master Shear Sharpener in sharpening Japanese and German-style shears. My training and certification of high-quality shears sharpening is performed on a water-cooled Flat hone system the Scimech Flat hone machine, NOT a grinder. The water-cooled flat hone equipment and techniques provide the most precise edges on shears while removing the least amount of steel possible.

Priority Mail service includes tracking and delivery in 1-3 business days. By using a flat rate box will help protect your shears from damage. Package shears using some type of bubble wrap this will not allow the shears to move around. Rubber-band the tips of the scissors so that they cannot open causing damage to the tip of your shears.


Click order form below and fill it out. Any comments you include about the nature of the issue with the scissor is helpful to me in terms of diagnosis and repair, and contact information via cell phone or email is important in case I think we should talk before I start.

* Shears with previous damaged by past sharpeners may never be fully restored. Over or bad sharpening removes too much steel and cannot be put back on. If a shear is truly a lost cause, I will contact you and discuss the options with you.  


** If a scissor needs replacement parts or major corrective work from previous damage, additional but reasonable charges will apply.


My process for sharpening is consistent and I follow the same process every time:


1st Shears get inspected for the following:

  • Initial cut test 

  • Check tip Alignment.

  • Check blade for Nicks.

  • Check shear type (Convex, Bevel or Serrated Blade ) 

  • Check Pivot thumb screw for adjustment.

  • Look shear blades over with HIGH POWER MAGNIFICATION

  • Handle alignment

  • Bumper condition 


2nd take Shears apart; inspect the following:

  • Thumb Screw

  • Pivot Screw Assembly

  • Pivot Washer

  • Clicker Plate

  • Ride Line condition

  • Check Shear for alignment and set of shear blades. 

  • Start cleaning of parts in alcohol disinfected. 

3rd start the sharpening/ repair process and correct all the above items per the assessment:

  • Recondition the ride-line using a Japanese water stone. 

  • Check blade edge for angle of last sharpening completed.

  • Sharpen convex or bevel blades depending on type of shears.

  • Polish shear blades.

  • Look blade over with HIGH POWER MAGNIFICATION

  • Finish cleaning and replacement of parts needed.

  • Assembly shears adjusting as needed.

  • Lube shears, check tensions and adjust as needed again.

  • Cut test.

  • Return shears to customer.


We are not responsible for lost or damaged items once given for shipping. I recommend having insurance included with your shipping. Need information please email on the contact page or call me at 707-580-2135


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