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Knife Sharpening

Why the Tormek T8, well it's powerful and spins at 100 RPM which is very slow and most of all it's versatile water-cooled sharpening system.

As you see, all my sharpening equipment  gives me the abality to micro dial / adjust in the correct angle, each and every time I sharpen your knifes.

Measure Knife.jpg
Measure blade lenght

Tormek T8

Sharpening Prices

The advanced design allows me to sharpen your knifes without any heat transfer to the cutting blade edge.


Sharpening on a belt grinder will heat up the blade and change the molecular structure of the steel. Heating a blade will soften the steel and the knife will not be able to hold an edge as long and will never truly achieve its maximum sharpness.

I have total control of what I am sharpening,

Also, it allows me to remove the least amount of metal to create that perfect cutting edge each and evry time.


Blade lenght of 6 inches or less $8.00

Blade lenght  of 6 to 8 inches $10.00

Blade lenght over 8 inches is $1.25 per blade inch


​Rotary Pizza Cutter - $8.00

Satisfaction Guarantee

Why do you see a picture of the equipement I used. I want to show you that I spear no cost in buying the best equipement on the market for what I want to do. By having confindance in my equipement and training,  I can provide the most accurate and sharpest service over and over at all times when I service your Knives. 

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