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Clipper Blade Services

 This machine made by Nebraska Blades is capable of sharpening all types of blades, including detachable blades, screw-on adjustable blades, trimmer blades, large animal/agriculture blades, with it's 16 inch wheel.




Factory Edge Sharpening (Raymond) is factory-trained I can repair and sharpen most major brands and a wide range of blades! Factory Edge Sharpening offer's high-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed sharpening services.

Even the best of blades get dull over time, making them less effective. Don’t waste money buying a brand new clipper blade when I can make it good as new.


All you need to do is send Factory Edge Sharpening (Raymond) whatever you need sharpened and Factory Edge Sharpening proven sharpening process will have your blade's edge as sharp as ever.  

Factory Trained

Clipper  Pricing

  • Standard Clipper Blades - $10.00 per blade set.

  • Or $5.00 per blade piece (comb or cutter)

  • 5 in 1 Style Blades (ex. Wahl Arco) - $15.00 per blade set*

  • *mini versions of this blade (Brav-mini & Mini Arco) are priced at $10.00 each

  • Large Animal Shearing / Clipper Blade Comb - $6.50 per Piece.

  • Large Animal Shearing / Clipper Blade Cutter - $6.50 per Piece.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Why do you seeing a picture of the equipement I used. I want to show you that I spear no cost in buying the best equipementon the market. By having confindance in my equipement and training,  I can provide the most accurate and sharpest service over and over at all times when I service your blades. 

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