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Rose Scissors 5.5, 6, 6.5 or 7" shear with rose filigree and pink rose color screw.


Our most popular shear. Beautiful and smooth.Amazingly sharp. Lovely rose motif filigree on the handle, rings and tang, yet smoothly contoured inside the finger and thumb holes for smooth comfort. The lovely pink center pivot screw is a multifaceted faux rose quartz crystal that easily adjusts with a reset clicker plate to keep your shears from loosening. 

  • 5.5" or  6" or 7" length
  • Forged, 440C  stainless steel, Sino finished
  • Adjustable thumb screw with a reset clicker plate to keep adjustment secure
  • Fixed finger rest, Lovely rose motif filigree on the handle. 
  • Smooth action, convex edge, hand honed
  • Lifetime warranty


$285.00 Regular Price
$142.50Sale Price
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