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Comfortable and affordable, the thumb rocks and swivels in all directions for ease of use and a relaxed hand. Shear is great for those with carpel tunnel and arthritis problems with its ease of use. See the video below on how a stylist had a cyst on her wrist disappear by using these shears. We can't promise the same results, but most hair cutters find this is very comfortable for the wrist and hand. 

  • 30 tooth thinning blending shear with swivel thumb handle. 
  • 5.5" length
  • Forged, 440C Japanese forged stainless steel, Sino hand polished
  •  Ruby color pivot screw has an easy to adjust tool for tightening or loosing.
  • Fixed finger rest
  • Smooth action, convex edge, hand honed
  • Lifetime warranty


$247.50 Regular Price
$123.75Sale Price
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