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Note may be blue screw marked ATS or silver screw marked DT30. These are the same shears.


Snag-free, no-line blending / thinning shear with double finger rests to cut with teeth on top or teeth on the bottom.

The popular Silk ATS Thinning shear has been reintroduced with a few upgraded changes. This new model has more finer teeth with a cutting tooth edge instead of a holding notch. This gives a smoother cut with less damage to the hair. The new ATS-2 is forged making adjustment in set easier for the sharpener. 

There is a slight cutting difference when cutting with the teeth on top, closer to the client and with the teeth on bottom closer to you. With the blue finger rest up and the blue screw facing you and the teeth facing you the blend is slightly more aggressive than when turned to other way. The versatility of this shear will make it one of your favorites for a snag-free no-line cut. 


  • 6 inch length
  • Even handle with double finger rests in blue and silver
  • Silky smooth operation, convex edge,
  • Deep polished hollow grind and hand honed inside ride
  • Easy to adjust blue thumb screw
  • Ideal for both men and woman haircuts
  • High carbon quality 440C teppan forged steel
  • Buffing with Sino hand finishing


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