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Scimech HD Flathone
Polisher  Leather Strop
Adjustable dial detant

The question I am always asked is it worth it to have my old scissor sharpen.

And my answer is YES, it is worth it to sharpen your old scissors.

I service many groups of people everything from working / retired Hair Stylist, Dog Groomer to someone who says I just cut my husband hair.


 Worth it, Here’s why

  1. You will spend over $40.00 for a new pair of scissors

  2. Your scissors you have now you are used to; the new ones might not feel the same in your hand. 

  3. Older scissors were built with good quality metal. I sharpen the metal not the scissor.

  4. I will restore your scissors, sharpening the edge to the correct angle making sure they will cut like new or even better than new.

  5. I clean and polish the finish like new, you will love your old/new scissors.

Scissor Sharpening:

Beauty & Barber: $30.00

Curve / thinners / chunkers / blenders $35.00

Kitchen / Poultry / Household: $8

Paper Fabric / Pinking: $10.00

Embroidery: $6.00 5.5” or less

Industrial Scissor: $12 & up

Spring Action:  $12

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