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Hair Stylist and Barber Professional
Scissor Sales & Sharpening

**My mobile scissor sharpening services for hair stylists and barbers are convenient and affordable, having state-of-the-art sharpening equipment guarantees you’ll get a razor-sharp scissor every time. Pick-up and delivery, loaners are provided. Quick turnaround within 2 days.


Scissor Sharpening Services Provided for Hair Stylists and Barbers:

       Straight Blades

       Curve Blades

       Ball Tip Blades

       Serrated Blades

       Texturizing Chunker Blades

       Blending Thinner Blades

       Hybrid Blades

  • Mobile Scissor sharpening for:

       Beauty Salons

       Barber Shops

       Retired professional hairdresser and Barbers 

       Mail in service / Sharpen by mail

**Please note: 5 shears/scissor minimum for mobile on site sharpening in service area is required.

** Loaners: provided with pick-up and delivery, Quick turnaround within 2 days

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