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Pet Grooming Tools

Factory Edge Sharpening

It's the edge that makes the difference

In doing my job I help others do their job. I also know that I make a difference in others' lives with the work I perform, when returning the scissors back to them, they test the scissor open and close, their expression, and feeling the difference right away. I repair, replace parts as needed to restore the shears back to be the best they can be. At end of the day, I feel great and satisfied with my days' work.

I specialize in sharpening hair cutting scissors, thinners and or chunkers. I use the Japanese style sharpening using a Japanese water stone and a water-cooled flat hone, I am able to sharpen and maintain both the convex and bevel edges without destroying the radius of the scissor. Which means I am able to sharpen all name brand scissors with easy.


Mobile Sharpening (pickup and delivery) 1 to 2-day service, loaners provided available upon request with 5 (Scissors) in service area.

I sell and stock over 100 pairs of  high quality scissors.                                   

Shear Terminology

Shear terminology chart
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